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A dedicated and enthusiastic team of professional nursery workers

We specialise in supplying bare root roses for growing in pots and for planting in gardens tended by rose lovers. Whether you are a horticulturist, nursery worker, landscape gardener or winegrower keen to enhance your estate, or just someone who loves roses, we are committed to meeting your needs.

Our values:

  • Quality is part of our core values: professional expertise, 10-year crop rotation, promoting organic soil amendments, monitoring crop health conditions, a planting calendar compliant with growing conditions and high-quality equipment are part of our driving force to ensure the success of your crops;
  • We are committed to a process of ongoing quality improvement and have been awarded two certifications:
    • Blue Plant (Plante Bleue): which recognises the environmental responsibility of Pépinières Chastel,
    • Red Label (Label Rouge): as a member of the French association « Excellence Végétale », we meet the requirements for the production of Red Label-certified roses;
  • Committed to our customers.

Our strengths:

  • Known for our expertise in Tree Roses and Weeping Roses;
  • Number one producer in France with the highest production volume of standard roses and weeping roses;
  • A wide range of varieties;
  • Choice of stem height;
  • Rootstocks and interstocks tailor-made to customer requirements;
  • Height standards for grafting at the top of the stem (topworking) are 45, 70 and 90 cm for tree roses and 120 and 140 cm for weeping roses;
  • Five grafts over 15 cm to ensure branching with well-formed and shapely heads;
  • We are located in the heart of the Loire Valley, between Anjou and Touraine, where the weather is ideal for roses production.
employees. a small, a company on a human scale
10-year crop rotation.
varieties of roses produced.
hectares of farmed land.


Our extensive and growing range of roses is constantly enriched by new developments and creations from our breeders. The Pépinières Chastel catalogue evolves from one season to the next, and varieties are selected to meet market requirements and customer demand. We select varieties from our best-in-class breeders for their colour, fragrance, repeat-flowering and disease resistant.

We have grouped varieties into nine categories based on the type of rose and their use.

Please use the filters to narrow your selection.

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mai 2019

Pépinières Chastel Membre de Select’Roses

Pépinières Chastel, en s'associant avec plusieurs pépinières du Douéssin, ont créé la société d'édition Select'Roses. Cette nouvelles structure édite de nouvelles variétés de rosiers de jardin dont la première qualité est la résistance. Une nouvelle identité [...]

avril 2019

Innovation Variétale aux Pépinières Chastel

Le 7 avril 2019 les Pépinières Chastel accompagnées de leurs associés membres de la société d'édition Select'Roses ont baptisé une nouvelle variété. La variété REMEMBER® a été baptisée à Sainte Marie du Mont sur la [...]

août 2017

Vidéo Plante Bleue aux Pépinières Chastel

Quelques jours avant le Salon du Végétal édition 2017 à Nantes, les équipes d'Excellence Végétale- Plante Bleue sont venues tournée une vidéo sur la mise en place de la certification Plante Bleue aux Pépinières Chastel. [...]

avril 2017

VIDEO Rosiers Labels Rouge: Engagé pour l’excellence

Les premiers rosiers Label Rouge vont être commercialisés cette année. C'est le résultat d'un long travail des acteurs de la filière qui se sont impliqués dans cette démarche. Parmi eux, Philippe Chastel, mon prédécesseur qui [...]

Nouvelle identité visuelle pour les Pépinières Chastel

Depuis aujourd'hui les visiteurs du Douéssin, auront constaté la présence de nouveaux panneaux indiquant la direction pour trouver plus facilement l'entreprise et nos parcelles de rosiers. Nous serons donc ravis de vous accueillir pour vous [...]


In addition to our range of roses, we also provide services to better serve our customers:

  • Management of descriptive colour labels;

  • Production of roses under a grafting contract: varieties and volumes to be confirmed by 15 June (before the budding season);

  • Production of custom-made standard roses and weeping roses between 45 cm and 160 cm high (graft union height), volumes to be confirmed in May for adjusting stem height;

  • Tours of the rose fields over the summer (by appointment only);

  • Shipping to France, overseas departments and territories, Europe and Russia;

  • Outstanding reproduction of your garden roses.


We are located in the heart of the Loire Valley, between Anjou and Touraine, where the weather is ideal for roses production.

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